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Source Energy Technique


Module 1: Energy Basics

 1. Energy flow

2. Chakras and Energy Bodies

3. Muscle Testing

4. Muscle testing Live

 5.  Muscle Testing Specifics

 6. Consciousness

7. Chakras & Consciousness

8. Angels

9. Theta Healing

10. Q & A Live

11. Putting it All to Together



11 Classes: $35 per class/$385 total/

Sign up with a friend: you and your friend receive 25% off. Value: you save $9 off each class: $26 per class for each of you, 12 classes $315

Access to Facebook group support as a S.E.T. student

Prepay in full to also receive 10% off a private 60 min phone session. Value: you save $41, session is only $124 from $165

Live classes will be scheduled T.B.A., if you can’t attend, you will receive a recording.

Payments accepted: credit card, Paypal, or check


Class starts the first week in August 2018

Call 203.334.3660 or  email







is a compilation and understanding of the 3 bodies: physical, emotional and spiritual. The physical body is of the least importance as it’s truth calibrates at 100 (Using the scale of truth designed by Dr. David Hawkins.)

Human beings are comprised of these 3 parts. The spirit 1st, soul 2nd, physical being 3rd. Physical dis-ease is last to occur and is at the effect of the non physical. Treating dis-ease at only the physical level will not bring about a complete transmutation or healing because it is ‘only skin deep’. All 3 levels, realms, dimensions or bodies must be influenced for a complete transformation of permanent restoration.

The Emotional Body is the Soul. The soul is an entity that has no form, no beginning and no end. It has always been. It carries the experience of lifetimes. It’s emotions are based on perception of reality which is subjective. It influences the acupuncture and meridian system-in turn influencing physical body functionality.

Spiritual Body is the Spirit of Divinity-Truth-Love-Oneness of the Universe. When it mis-creates, it perceives it’s reality as separate from divinity which is it’s Source. Mis-creating manifests in a plethora of ways via negative emotions and eventually physical dis-ease.